ProMark integration with ProHost CAL

Tailor ProMark to your user interfaces

With the ProHost CAL integration (Client Access Licence), you can gain access to ProMark’s advanced functionality, business logic and og data, and utilise it via other systems.

This allows you to tailor the user interfaces to your employees to achieve a consistent user experience for all their systems, e.g. in your own portal or intranet.

In addition, you can build role-based apps to the employees which only contain exactly the functions that the individual role needs in the daily work.

The exchange of data takes place via modern API integration and happens in real time.

The security is high due to the direct communication between the systems via SSL. The solutions support various authentication types, including OAuth2, where the user is verified through login to another system.

ProHost CAL


ProHost CAL allows you to create next-generation user experiences to your employees which has a number of benefits:

  • Saved time by offering one entry point for the user with a consistent user experience across apps
  • Optimised workflows for the individual employee through role-based user interfaces with simple functions
  • New opportunities for achieving real-time insights by merging business data and work processes
  • Increased productivity by exploiting ProMark’s business logic and data in other platforms – without use of coding