ProMark integration with ProHost API

The modern and secure integration standard

ProHost API is a future-proof, next-generation integration platform for ProMark, providing great flexibility and high security in integrations across the internet and internal system landscapes.

ProHost API ensures that data is exchanged according to the modern and widespread API standard, making sure that requests and responses contain all relevant data to be placed correctly in both systems. ProHost API handles both APIs from cloud platforms such as SAP and Microsoft as well as the company’s own, private APIs.

ProHost API supports both point-to-point integrations and integrations via middleware, and data can either be exchanged in real time or as batch jobs.

SSL communication between the systems provides high security which helps you to comply with the GDPR. In addition, the solution supports various authentication types, including OAuth2.

ProHost API - the modern and secure integration standard


  • Follows a modern and widespread integration standard
  • Builds on our experience from existing ProHost integrations and field mappings
  • Delivers real-time data
  • Offers high security and GDPR compliance
  • Provides you with a flexible platform to adjust, expand and optimise your integration scenarios – while supporting long-term cloud strategies as the same time