ProMark integration with ProHost Certified

Modern, turnkey integration ready for use

ProHost Certified is the controlled and structured approach to integration with other business systems.

With ProHost Certified, we have developed ProMark solutions specifically for SAP’s and Microsoft’s app centres. You get a complete standard solution with built-in integration, supporting configuration instead of coding – both in terms of the business system and ProMark. Thus, ProMark acts as an extension of these business systems.

Official documentation, templates for data and setup as well as optimised REST APIs are a natural part of the solution which simplifies the implementation. And we are continuously maintaining and updating the solution according to the current version of the supplier’s system.

The solution uses the security requirements of the cloud solutions which – combined with the API integration – provides high security.

ProHost Certified


  • Standard solution, supporting configuration instead of specific coding
  • Simplified implementation with available documentation and templates for data and setup
  • High security
  • Future-proof solution which is continuously updated according to new versions of the cloud business systems

ProHost Certified also allows for exploiting our other integration solutions if you need different integrations to different systems – an all-in-one solution.