ProMark integration options

One system cannot support everything!

Often, a solution based on only one system will force the company to compromise on one or more business goals. A solution of efficient and well-integrated systems provides a much more flexible and effective support of the company’s business processes.

ProMark is a unique tool for collection, presentation and distribution of payroll, production and project-related data. By integrating with other systems such as HR, payroll and ERP, ProMark enriches these systems with valuable and current data on:

  • Attendance
  • Absence
  • Planning
  • Tasks/production
  • Stock and
  • Costs

– at every level.


By connecting your IT systems to enable data to easily flow across platforms, you can create a more cohesive infrastructure. This provides a lot of benefits to most companies:

  • Data in real time – where it is needed and when it is needed
  • Overview and fact-based decision basis
  • Faster information and thus, ability to respond more quickly to changes
  • Less manual administrative routines
  • Fewer errors in the transfer of data
  • Increased efficiency

We have more than 400 customers and with all of them, ProMark is integrated with their payroll system – and often also other business systems. This increases the value of these systems considerably.

ProMark offers a number of integration options, from the very simple to the most modern and advanced. Read more about our integrations: 


Simple integration with ProHost Modern integration with ProHost APITailored ProMark with ProHost CALCloud integration with ProHost Certified


Integration to MicrosoftIntegration to SAP