ProMark Software as a Service packages

4 different ProMark editions

ProMark 365 Cloud offers ProMark as a 'Software as a Service' solution in 4 different editions. Read more about the software packages and which modules that are included:

Overview of ProMark Software as a Service packages


The Essentials edition includes basic clock-in, clock-out and all-day absence registration (ProTime) where the employees register via web portal and mobile app. The system sends out notifications (ProNotify) to ensure that registrations and approvals are made before the payroll is due to be prepared. Absence and overtime can be sent to the manager or administrator for approval.

Management has access to overview data and standard reports (ProReport), and the system has standard integration to selected HR solutions from our partners for simple transfer of employee master data (ProHost API).


The Professional edition is the fully digitalised time and attendance solution which in an advanced manner can control all working time rules and agreements and prepares the payroll basis via intelligent dialogues with the employees.

In addition, this edition also allows for:

  • Scheduling of employees' shift (ProSchedule)
  • Project registration (ProJect)
  • Registration via terminals
  • Modern API integration to e.g. HR and ERP systems

This edition is to a greater extent a working tool for management and payroll administration for overview and management of employees, including approval flows, reporting and notifications.


The Enterprise edition is the complete Workforce Management solution that includes all available modules in ProMark. This means complete digitalisation of work processes, user experiences, analytics and follow-up options, including:

  • Advanced holiday management (ProAbs Holiday)
  • Structured follow-up on sickness absence and simplified handling of sickness benefit reimbursement (ProAbs Sickness)
  • Registration of mileage and daily allowances (ProTravel)
  • Job registration (ProJob)
  • Forecast on manning needs and payroll budget for employee scheduling purposes (ProForecast)
  • Integration to all relevant business systems, including data warehouse for advanced business intelligence

The Enterprise edition allows you to introduce digitalisation and automation broadly in the company at a pace that suits you. This improves both efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Individual – the tailored solution

With the Individual edition, you are free to select the ProMark modules which best support your needs and processes. The solution is hosted on a private cloud infrastructure and thus be adapted and scaled according to your needs.

Individual is for customers who want a high level of security in the operation of their ProMark solution and simultaneously be able to adapt the solution to their specific needs.

This edition allows for integration to all relevant business systems, including data warehouse for advanced business intelligence.