ProMark Private Cloud

Let us handle the ProMark Environment

With ProMark Private Cloud, we take responsibility for supplying a stable platform for the company’s ProMark installation, operated on a remote server which is hosted by Microsoft Azure or IT Relation.

All hardware and software are exclusively dedicated to the individual company and the IT environment can be adapted to meet your specific requirements, just as it can be scaled within the limits you have chosen.

When it comes to software, you can either select a subscription-based licensing model or invest in a perpetual software licence with ongoing maintenance costs.


From the commissioning date, we deliver full service on server operation at all hours, including monitoring, backup and restore, antivirus as well as a number of annual upgrades.

The IT operation includes these elements:

ProMark Private Cloud IT operations elements

Why ProMark Private Cloud?

ProMark Private Cloud is for customers who wants high safety in the operation of their ProMark solution and still want to be able to adapt the solution to specific requirements.

The advantages of ProMark Private Cloud are:

  • High operational stability: We deliver a stable ProMark platform that keeps your solution up and running 24/7
  • Scalability: Higher scalability compared to an on-premise infrastructure
  • Increased flexibility as the cloud environment can be adapted to meet your specific needs
  • Savings: Infrastructure, security and administration of applications are handled by us/third-party supplier
  • Increased control as resources are not shared with other companies
  • More time for other tasks as we take over responsibility for the daily operation