ProMark On-Premise

When you take responsibility for the ProMark server

ProMark On-PremiseWith ProMark On-Premise, ProMark is deployed on a dedicated server in the company’s own IT environment. This means that the responsibility for ensuring stable operation and keeping up to date with system updates and security aspects lies within your own IT environment.

ProMark On-Premise requires an initial investment in software licenses which gives you permanent right of use for the ProMark solution. The investment depends on which modules you select and how many employees will be using them. The solution can be scaled up and down according to your needs, both in terms of functionality and number of employees (licence groups). Read more about available modules.

In addition, there will be annual costs for a maintenance agreement, providing access to new software versions and to hotline service (Customer Care) who support in case of challenges with the configuration and operation of ProMark.


ProMark On-Premise is the solution for companies that prefer to take ownership of operating the IT infrastructure themselves and want the greatest possible control.

The advantages of ProMark On-Premise are:

  • Performance: You can control performance based on the hardware you use or purchase for this purpose
  • Flexibility: You can adjust the solution to support your specific infrastructure and business needs
  • Complete control: You get complete control over where your data is stored and how it is handled
  • Integration options: Better opportunities for developing your own integrations