ProMark 365 Cloud

Scalable cloud solution with high security

ProMark 365 Cloud is a Public Cloud solution on the Microsoft Azure platform where companies share a standardised infrastructure and the ProMark installation with other organisations. However, each organisation has its own database without access for others.

The Microsoft Azure platform is a widespread standard for cloud solutions. The platform offers among other things, scalability as needed and high security by maintaining a wide range of global and local compliance certifications such as various ISO standards and GDPR.

Maintenance and upgrade of the solution takes place via system updates that are installed periodically. All planned service windows are managed by us and announced in advance.


ProMark is offered in 3 different Software as a Service editions, allowing you to select the package that best matches your needs – with the option to switch to another edition if needs change.

Overview of ProMark Software as a Service editions

The company pays a price per employee per month based on the selected edition and the number of employees to use the solution. The software is divided into licence groups, enabling you to scale up or down if the number of employees changes. Read more about the 3 software editions.


All 3 editions include encrypted data communication via SSL. The Professional and Enterprise editions also allow for multitenancy where more business units share the same infrastructure. In addition, single sign-on can be purchased for all three editions. Find more information about the technical options in each software package in the product sheet.


ProMark 365 Cloud is for companies that want a standardised, scalable solution with high security requiring minimum involvement from the company.

The advantages of ProMark 365 Cloud are:

  • High operational stability as a large network of servers and advanced infrastructure protect against errors and downtime
  • Increased scalability as both infrastructure resources and the software package can be scaled up or down according to your needs
  • High security via monitoring tools and IT specialists who handle security aspects for the cloud environment and ensure that it is compliant
  • Savings: You avoid an initial investment in hardware and software, and pay only for the services you use
  • Increased flexibility: You can choose the software package that best suits your needs and always take advantage of the latest functionality in the product as we continuously deliver upgrades
  • More time for other tasks as you can hand over the responsibility for the daily operation