ProReport – a tool for sharing information

Fact-based and effective decisions

Do you need an updated picture of the reality of your business? And are you spending unnecessary time on discussing data instead of making the right decisions?

ProReport extracts key data collected in ProMark and delivers these as a series of standard reports. Reporting relates to all types of registrations such as attendance, absence, projects and activities as well as production data.

The 40 standard reports in ProReport cover most business needs. In addition, ProReport enables you to create your own reports adapted to your company’s specific needs. 

Easy sharing of knowledge and facts

ProReport allows for efficient sharing of information across departments and divisions through distribution of scheduled reports.

The automatic distribution of reports provides actual information to relevant recipients on an ongoing basis. In this way, the company gets an up-to-date overview of the business and can avoid dependence on statistics from the previous quarter. 

Individual access to reporting

Through our web portal, managers and employees can easy and quickly draw the reports they need in the day to day running of the business – either right away or at a specified time. 

As default, reports created are private but they can be made public or shared with specific users. In addition, it is possible to restrict access for the individual users so that they only see the reports that are relevant to them

Through easy availability, clear presentation and effective distribution of the data already gathered in ProMark, the company can ease knowledge sharing, save time and ensure that all the relevant people have identical and up-to-date information. This allows for fact-based and thus more qualified decisions for your company.

ProReport rapport: Employee All Day Absence ProReport rapport: All Day Absence