LAN-Touch terminal on trial run at Radiometer

In the middle of May, Mark Information made a test run of our new LAN-Touch terminal at Radiometer

LAN-Touch terminalen på prøvetur hos Radiometer The LAN-Touch terminal has since then been in use at Radiometer. Approximately 100 employees have on a daily basis been using the terminal for time & attendance and job registration. More than 12,000 registrations have been made and the terminal has been running smoothly!

Ole Christoffersen, ProMark responsible at Radiometer is very satisfied with the trial. ”From a design perspective Mark has made a giant leap with the new terminal in comparison with the competitors and the previous terminals. The same goes for set-up, configuration and administration of the terminal itself, which now takes place through a browser. And the feedback from the users has been very positive.”

Happy test run users at RadiometerThe terminal was set up and tested in one afternoon and before the consultant from Mark Information had returned to the terminal after having configured through a browser in another room, the employees had begun to register, because – as they put it: ”We cannot wait to try the new terminal, now that it works”!

A few days later we heard that the employees had come from other departments in order to try the new terminal and consequently another terminal has now been set up in order to serve 400 employees more.