ProTerminal Kaba

Robust registration terminals for ProMark for simple and intuitive registration

With ProTerminal Kaba, your company gets a robust registration terminal for collection of data to ProMark.

The terminals are typically mounted at the entrance or in other strategic places in the company where employees can easily make their registrations.

It permits employees to clock in and clock out and register how their time is spent on jobs or activities. In addition, it allows the employees to check their own information on holiday, flexi-time or other balances. Thus, the employees no longer need to contact the HR administration to get this kind of information.

ProTerminal Kaba is available in different versions:


ProTerminal Kaba 96 00


ProTerminal Kaba 97 00


ProTerminal Kaba 96 00


ProTerminal Kaba 97 00

  Kaba B-eco

ProTerminal Kaba can be used in conjunction with the other user interfaces to collect data for ProMark. Hence, the company can choose the optimum solution for all employee groups in relation to working processes and physical location.

Correct pay and improved overview of the business

Regardless of the registration method, the employee is guaranteed the correct payroll basis as data is collected directly at the source – the employee. In addition, ProTerminal Kaba creates transparency as all employees can access their own information at any time.

The company defines which absence and other deviations should be approved or otherwise responded to.

The collected data gives a better overview of the status of all current jobs and activities. This ensures validity of production hours, more accurate analyses and provides a better basis for optimisation.