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ProPortal is a simple, web-based tool that allows you to register your own time and tasks, and review information on how your actual time has been utilised. ProPortal runs in a web-browser and can even be integrated into your company’s own intranet.

ProPortal – the modern user interface

ProPortal is the web-based approach to ProMark which allows for:

  • Collection of attendance, absence and activities data
  • Personal status overview on work hours, holiday and flexitime/overtime
  • Manager approval of transactions and future absence
  • Employee approval of one month's transactions with a single click
  • Overview and analysis of absence
  • Attendance overview showing present and absent colleagues

ProPortal is a simple and intuitive tool for everyone in the organisation. It requires no prior training as the user interface is the well-known Windows design and all functions are easy to use.

Employees can register their work hours and absence, as well as distribute their work time on projects and activities i.e. project registration for internal as well as external follow-up, such as invoicing of hours.

ProPortal also gives a personal overview of status on work hours, holidays spent and earned, flexitime and time-off-in-lieu, bonus etc.

ProPortal - the modern user interface

In ProPortal, employees can approve their own registrations regarding absence, illness, holidays etc. for the previous month with a single click. The information is displayed in a calendar overview or graphically which makes it easy to handle and go over.

The manager can of course also approve and reject the employees' requests for holiday or absence in a constantly updated view.

ProPortal can be set up according to individual needs so that all functions can be handled in one place.

Individual web-parts in ProPortal are perfect for integration with your company’s intranet. Each web-part can be displayed on the intranet so that you avoid using different portals internally.

Month overview

Clear advantages with ProPortal

ProPortal displays dynamic statistics and illustrative graphs on absence

ProPortal is the tool that helps simplify administrative processes throughout the organisation. It collects data at the source and displays the collected data in clear overviews; not only showing who is at work and which activities they are working on but even how much holiday and/or bonus they have earned and how much absence each employee has had.

ProPortal displays dynamic statistics and illustrative graphs on absence. It is possible to drill down to the individual employee reasons for absence, reviewing individual departmental reasons for absence etc. and also to review absence reasons and absence patterns in a high level perspective across departments or divisions. Such information enables management to act and follow up on the absence.

ProPortal simplifies work flows and administrative procedures by making it possible for employees to easily record time, attendance and time spent on activities. This allows HR to monitor progress in real time. The transparency for all parties creates an atmosphere of trust.

Registration of time on tasks and projects makes it easier to allocate costs correctly on products and services. All registered data is immediately available online for planning purposes and follow-up.

The user interface in ProPortal is simple, user-friendly and creates transparency and overview throughout the whole organisation. The set-up allows for definition of which functionality areas should be displayed to whom and thereby the user interface can be tailored to the individual employee, department or company location

ProPortal is immediately beneficial

With the use of ProPortal your company obtains simpler and more efficient administrative processes leading directly to the reduction of administrative costs.

Internal confidence in your company is strengthened by placing greater personal responsibility with the employees: ProPortal is a tool as well as an opportunity and invitation to self-service – employees and managers can retrieve any wanted information at their own will, and administration no longer needs to spend time answering various enquiries. This releases resources for more productive tasks.

In our experience, the increase in individual responsibility and transparency contributes to increased productivity and reduced absence, all of which makes the ProMark investment even more profitable.

ProPortal allows your company to place actual information and functionality at the disposal of all employees. It is a tool which ensures that the teamwork between employees and management runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.