App for efficient registration of time & attendance

Do you want to streamline the registration of working hours for your employees? And reduce administrative time and costs? Do you need a more accurate and faster overview of the time spent on individual tasks?

With the ProMobile app your company’s employees can register attendance, absence and time spent on different work tasks on their smartphone – no matter where they work. It streamlines registration and makes it possible to track progress on work tasks.

ProMark in your pocket

ProMobile has a simple and logical user interface which makes it easy for employees to register their time and all types of absence. They also get access to view their own work schedules and balances on remaining holiday, flexitime and overtime.

In addition, the app offers self-service for indicating wishes for holiday and time off as well as swapping, selling and taking on shifts. The latter is particularly interesting for employees with changing working patterns.

Via automated push messages to employees and managers, the company can ensure that registrations and approvals are completed in good time before the end of the payroll period.

All registrations are validated online in real time and are immediately available in the ProMark database together with registrations from all other user interfaces. Registrations can be logged with GPS coordinates to ensure traceability.

The app is available for iOS and Android smartphones. It is easily downloaded from App Store or Google Play and linked to the company’s ProMark database.

Registration on ProMobile
Attendance plan on ProMobile Project registration on ProMobile Self-service on ProMobile


  • Clocking in and out
  • Registering absence – all or part of day
  • Registering time on tasks:
    – Project time (time/activity)
    – Clocking in and out of jobs
  • View own work schedule
  • Swap, sell or take on shifts
  • See status on holiday, flexitime and overtime
  • Receive automated push messages regarding e.g. forgotten registrations
  • Approve registrations, requests for leave and shift swaps


Simplified administration and better overview

ProMobile gives employees the best prerequisites for registering time and absence – to the benefit of the employee, HR administration and management.

It provides the following advantages:

  • Less time consuming for the individual employee to register time
  • Fewer errors in the registrations and correct basis for calculating salaries
  • Self-service reduces requests
  • Less manual work in the HR department
  • Overview of time spent in real time
  • Faster invoicing basis
  • Ability to react proactively when the need arises