Effective data collection with the use of a biometry

Save time and money with a system for your company's time and attendance registration when using a biometric reader

Combine biometrics with existing systems for data collectionBy implementing biometric readers in combination with a data collection system, you always get correct entries. It can be used for registration of Time & Attendance clock-in and clock-out data and Job registration. A biometric reader solution is also perfectly suited for access control.

You can choose from a range of biometric terminals to work with your workforce management systems such as fingerprint reader or fingerprint scanner.

By using biometric readers manual registration errors are eliminated, and you ensure that every employee has clocked in before the door opens. The combination of a fingerprint reader and e.g. a pin code further elevates the security and access control. This ensures both access control and correct data in your time and attendance system.


Use of biometric readers in combination with data collection for time tracking or access control. yields several benefits:

  • Correct registration of clock-in and clock-out data integrated with your other IT systems
  • Effective  tracing and identification usable for payroll
  • Optimizing the workforce productivity by reducing manual and time consuming registration and administration thus freeing the employees to more productive activities.

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