Access control

ProAccess is the electronic key system in ProMark which ensures access exclusively for the right people to the right areas and buildings.

ProAccess - elektronic key system

Electronic key system and door administration

ProAccess is an electronic key system which controls all doors in the company. Employees identify themselves by pin code or via card readers – either biometric or traditional (magnetic, chip, proximity) - or a combination of these. Guest access for a limited period is also possible.

All door units are configured with a UPS battery enabling the system to function without external power supply for periods of time.

Should the company need to keep the main entrance open during daily opening hours, ProAccess can be set up to keep a door unlocked during a specific time interval. After the first manual opening in that time interval, ProAccess will keep the door unlocked. This allows the company to ensure that the door is not unlocked before an employee arrives for work.

ProAccess access control - here combined with a proximity reader

Overview for the superuser

With ProAccess, the company can administer access control and T&A in the same system. The system can be configured so the employee cannot open a door before he/she has clocked in, e.g. via a ProTerminal at the entrance. This enables the company to ensure registration of attendance time.

The ‘Door overview’ in ProAccess allows the superuser to view which employees have passed through the individual doors and thus gives a fast and easy overview of who is where. Furthermore, all the company’s doors can be forced open/closed from a central location. Doors can also be connected to the fire alarm ensuring automatic opening/closure in case of fire.

In case of unauthorized access, ProAccess can notify key personnel in the company. Subsequently, doors can be forced to open or close and the log will show when and where door-opening took place. Please note that ProAccess is not an alarm system but it can prove a very useful supplement to one.

Simple administration and increased security

With ProAccess the company can simplify administration of access. If an employee needs access to other parts of the company, there is no need for a new key – only a simple change to that person’s access settings in ProMark. No longer will the company suffer the risk and trouble caused by lost or stolen keys or by keys not being returned.

ProAccess thus contributes to increase security within your company. In addition to ensuring ease-of-access throughout the company by replacing the need for manual keys, the safety of your employees is significantly increased, and the risk of theft minimized. With ProAccess you have complete control of access to your company.