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ProTerminal is a robust registration terminal for ProMark. Positioned strategically in your company, ProTerminal will capture data accurately for use within the ProMark suite of modules.

ProTerminal offers simple and intuitive registration

ProTerminal is typically mounted at the entrance or some other easily accessible place in the company. It permits employees and managers to clock in and clock out, and register how their time is spent on the shop floor.

ProTerminal is intelligent as it registers deviations and asks for reasons for these. If a clock-in registration is missing, for example, ProTerminal will ask for a reason the next time that employee attempts to register. Until a reason has been given, a new registration will not be accepted.

Two versions of ProTerminal are available: the LAN-Touch terminal and the LAN-Touch wet room terminal. The LAN-Touch terminal is elegantly designed to look great in an office but is robust enough to cope with the sometimes harsh environment of a manufacturing company.


LAN-Touch terminal from Mark Information


LAN-Touch wet-room terminal for ProMark


LAN-Touch terminal


LAN-Touch wet room terminal


The LAN-Touch wet room terminal is ideal for damp production environments or areas that need cleaning with larger amounts of water.

The terminals are equipped with 16 touch function keys which may be configured individually according to the company’s requirements and the physical location of the terminals.

In addition to the physical terminals, we also offer a software alternative, ProPC. This allows for registration in a normal windows application on a PC or tablet. ProPC is the mobile work station offering the same functionality as the physical terminals, and in addition, a very powerful offline functionality well suited for employees on the go.

ProTerminal can be configured with various kinds of readers: magnetic card or barcode readers, proximity, HID, mifare and biometry combined with a card or finger alone. It is only a question of what best suits the company’s needs. Depending on which functions should be registered on the terminal, the different readers and id media each have their own advantages. The terminals communicate with the database via the LAN/WAN with TCP/IP. In the case of network interruption, normal operation will not be affected as ProTerminal can continue to operate off-line until the network is restored.

ProTerminal ensures prompt and easy registration

ProTerminal allows your employees to clock in and out via a simple and intuitive interface and to register how they spend their time in a particular area if you so wish. No training is required in order to use the terminals. All commands are stated in clear text so there is no need to remember codes or other troublesome combinations.

ProTerminal allows the employees to check their own time status. For example, how much holiday has been accrued and spent, their flexi-time balance and any absence. This means employees no longer need to contact administration to get access to their own information.

ProTerminal is the basis of optimisation

ProTerminal ensures the correct payroll information for the company’s employees is collected at the source, i.e. the employee. At the same time, the terminals create transparency as all employees have access to their own information at any time. Reasons for deviations are immediately registered, and depending on the company’s choices, the manager receives these for approval and is in a position to take action if necessary.

In production the benefit of the terminal lies in the registrations made in real-time. The terminal allows detailed and precise registration within the production environment. This results in valuable data on aspects of production such as quantity of orders, completed operations, and material consumption as well as human and machine resources.

By using ProTerminal, you obtain quality registrations that permit continual optimisation of company work processes.