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ProPC – the mobile workplace

ProPC is a Windows-based terminal for registrations of all kinds via PC or tablet, in the office, in the production and on the go. Powerful offline functionality


ProPC on tabletProPC is a mobile workplace for people on the go, who take their PC or tablet
with them as a working tool.

It is a Windows-based terminal for all kinds of registrations, such as clock-in/clock-out, absence and job registrations.

ProPC is as simple to install as an App on any PC or tablet with Windows OS.

As ProPC runs on devices that can access the company’s common network, all entries will be immediately validated against the company-defined configuration.

When ProPC is not connected to the ProMark server via network or internet, it can work offline with the same intelligent dialogue, even on very advanced job registrations as it retrieves and updates the configuration as soon as it is back online.

Each ProPC can be configured for general use by all employees or as a personal terminal for an individual employee or a group of employees.


Logging times and jobs on an ongoing basis throughout the day is more accurate compared with retrospective entries based on notes and memory – it is also a real time saver.

With its intelligent offline functionality, ProPC makes it possible for employees who are out of office or who are working in the field to make their registrations on the go. All registrations are synchronized and validated as soon as they reconnect to the network and ProMark.

With ProPC the full screen is used so that the relevant registrations and information can be collated in the same window, creating clarity and minimizing errors.

There is high level of transparency in the system, and the employee can always view and edit the registrations he/she made when their PC was offline.

Terminals working in the Windows environment act as a natural element in the corporate network, making ProPC ideal for e.g. service technicians who use their laptop or tablet when they are working on-site as well as for the production or office environment at the company premises. It is easy to set up new terminals when required as the company expands or restructures since it only requires a simple installation on PC or tablet with Windows.


ProPC udnytter den fulde skærm til dialoger


Using ProPC the company ensures the accuracy and reliability of all recorded activities and information as data is validated continuously even when the user is not working in the corporate network.

At the same time the basis for invoicing customer is strengthened as the amounts due are immediately available meaning that the company can quickly capitalize work performed (service / repairs etc.).

Employees achieve freedom of movement with the ability to make all registrations continuously whether or not they have access to the corporate network and manual administration is minimized. All the day’s registrations are already made when the employee returns to the office.

Even advanced job registrations and dialogues can now be made from a Windows tablet, even off network, dispensing with the need for subsequent follow-up. The full workplace accompanies you when you are on the go.