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ProMobile – registration via smartphone

ProMobile allows your field workforce to register time and attendance wherever they are via their smartphone. Thus hours worked are immediately available in the system, and all transactions are logged with GPS coordinates. This easy-to-use tool also gives people access to information regarding holiday, flexitime and overtime balances.

ProMobile – registration by smartphone

ProMobile is the perfect tool for companies with travelling and mobile employees. Via their smartphones, these staff members can easily register their time regardless of their location.

Via ProMobile employees can register attendance and all types of absence, whether full day or part day. Registrations are validated online and are immediately available in the ProMark database together with registrations from all other ProMark interfaces. This information can be used immediately by management and payroll administration, for example.

If working hours are to be invoiced to customers or others, such as for service visits or other billable time, this is now possible at the end of the day, because registrations are available for the invoicing department. All transactions are logged with GPS location for traceability.

ProMobile has a simple and logical user interface where time can be registered with a few clicks and clear dialogue. IPhones as well as other smartphones with html5 can be used.

Time and attendance registration via smartphoneThe advantages of ProMobile

ProMobile enhances the efficiency of field work: consultants, service technicians, fitters, engineers and other employees working outside the company can register their working hours and absences in real time, and avoid subsequent bulk registrations and inaccuracies.

At the same time it gives employees access to information about holiday, flexitime and overtime balances.

The company saves time on administration, as the need for central ad-hoc registrations based on emails, notes or Excel sheets is eliminated.

Management immediately has an accurate real-time picture of the progress of work with correct registrations. So management information is immediately available.

ProMobile gives management an overview in real time of external employees and enables proactive action to be taken when the need arises.

Even for employees always working in the same place it can be advantageous to use ProMobile. As it is simple and everyone has their own registration terminal at hand, the company can use ProMobile to expand the collection of data without work being disrupted. This enables management to keep their fingers more firmly on the pulse.


ProMobile reduces administration time and costs, and provides reliable registrations which are immediately available to the company.

ProMobile is a simple and effective tool for the field workforce which gives them the best possible conditions for completing their tasks and drawing up invoicing documentation.

Administratively, ProMobile reduces costs and sources of error, as all data relating to wages and absences is delivered online in real time.

Precise and up-to-date information from employees is essential for instance in connection with invoicing, resource planning and stock control. ProMobile helps companies to avoid costly delays by allowing mobile employees to submit vital information with ease.

There is traceability on all registrations as they are automatically logged with GPS location.