Time and Attendance

Save administration time with ProMark

ProMark is an on-line system taking care of all the functions regarding employees’ time and attendance (T&A) and absence recording. Through real-time information, ProMark provides for reliable workforce management control and accurate payroll data.

  • Save administration, registration and approval time
  • Reduce manual data entry of employee time and attendance
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface

Instant re-planning

ProMark enables you to react to circumstances such as employee absence, machine breakdowns, sudden rush orders, delayed raw materials etc. and change the order of priorities at very short notice and optimise your production flow.

Integration with other business systems

ProMark is a unique tool for collection, presentation and distribution of data. ProMark can be closely integrated with other administrative systems such as payroll system, giving significant administrative efficiencies and speeds up the payroll process. Read more about system integrations.

Staff scheduling and rostering

ProMark lets you plan and manage your employee resources in accordance with the production plan generated by e.g. the company's ERP system through the combination of the resource need and the future manning plan. This kind of combination then identifies immediate discrepancies between the planned attendance and the actual attendance and thus shows the areas that need adjustment for redundant or low capacity. Read more about rostering.

Online time and attendance registration

Employees report their own activities on-line instead of having to fill out timesheets e.g. on paper, thus saving resources with the managers’ approval procedures, payroll accountant repeated data entry etc. The ProMark solution assists the employee in entering attendance data correctly via a combination of simple on-line instructions and user defined absence validation against the employees’ meeting schedule.

Legislative compliance

New laws, such as the EU Working Time Directive impose certain rules upon business, which must be complied with. ProMark enables companies to monitor its workforce and to take action to ensure compliance. Furthermore, ProMark can help you administer numerous trade union agreements among various personnel groups.