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ProTime – Time & Attendance registration

ProTime is the base module in ProMark which ensures correct registration of employee attendance. Through integration to the payroll system, ProTime automates the processes to ensure the right payroll basis

ProTime time and attendance

Komme/gå- og fraværsregistreringProTime suits all types of companies whether they employ salaried staff or hourly workers. ProTime is flexible and easy to configure with its considerable focus on user-friendliness and simple administration of the system.

Once company and collective agreements have been set up in ProTime, it is easy for users to create parameters, maintain employee home data, set up rules for attendance registration, approval procedures, reporting and payroll transfer. ProTime handles all agreements regarding overtime calculation, supplements, absence, rounding-off, balances etc. and, as an example, it will prevent an employee from taking more holiday than what has been accrued.

The employee registers all daily occurrences related to attendance and absence via web-based portals, user-friendly terminals, smartphones or the like. Portals and terminals even allow the employee access to his/her own current balance on working time, holiday, flexi-time/time-off-in-lieu etc.

To enable employee registration, the company can choose between different ID media: barcode cards, magnetic stripe cards, Mifare, HID, RF tags, biometry or a simple code entered manually.

In case of deviations in relation to the employee’s expected clock-in or out time (clock-in late, clock-out early, absence etc.), the employee is asked to indicate a reason. By allowing the employees to validate their own registrations and deviations, the daily administration is significantly reduced for managers who now only need to approve selected types of deviations.

Employees may make the following types of registrations:

  • Clock-in
  • Clock-out
  • Absence (past/future) and reason for the absence such as external meeting, doctor's appointment etc.
  • Change daily work schedule
  • Change department
  • Change group
  • Entry of supplements (number or time supplements)
  • See their own employee information (accounts, remaining holiday etc.)
  • Lunch break (start/stop)
  • Clock-out early (indication reason)
  • Clock-in again (with a reason)

ProTime can display the individual employee’s presence and absence at any time. Similarly, it is possible to have reports and statistics on absence split into employee categories, different geographical locations etc.

ProTime simplifies reporting and administration

ProTime makes administration more efficient as it automates manual processes such as requests regarding accrued holiday, flexi-time etc. and reduces the handling of deviations in employee attendance as the employees themselves will manage these as a rule. This saves considerable time for employees as well as for the centralized payroll and HR administration.

Having an updated absence overview allows the company to initiate efforts to reduce absence; such efforts alone can bring about considerable savings. As increased absence is often a symptom of other issues, the up-to-date information can also help the company to identify further managerial challenges that require attention.

With updated real-time data management has a finger on the company’s pulse at all times. The information in ProTime gives a factual and valid basis for decision-making. At the same time, it automatically provides correct payroll information via the standard integration to the payroll system.

Great savings using ProTime

Experience shows that ProTime can reduce an organisation’s administrative costs by up to 3% through automation of manual processes, reduction of requests to the payroll administration and automation of approval procedures for managers.

Using the knowledge gained about absence across employee categories, geographical locations etc. experience also tells us that it is possible to reduce absence by as much as 25% through targeted processes.

ProTime often turns out to be a solution which pays off within one year depending on the specific company’s situation.