Correct wages in time with digital time & attendance

ProTime ensures correct registration of employee attendance, absence, supplements etc. and thereby creating the actual payroll basis.

Correct wages in due time with digital time & attendance - ProTimeProTime is an online T&A system which suits all types of companies and supports salaried staff as well as hourly workers – whether they have flexi-time, fixed hours or floating work time.

Company and collective agreements are set up in the system and tailored to each employee category by use of different parameters. Subsequently, it is easy for superusers to maintain employee master data, rules for attendance registration, approval procedures, reporting and payroll transfer.

Employees can register:

  • Clock-in
  • Clock-in late or again (indicating a reason)
  • Clock-out
  • Clock-out early or late (indicating a reason)
  • Absence (past/future) and reason for the absence such as external meeting, doctor’s appointment etc.
  • Entry of supplements (number or time supplements)
  • Lunch break (start/stop)
  • Change daily work schedule
  • Change department
  • Change group

The company chooses which registrations, e.g. specific reasons for absence or overtime, must be approved.

Registrations are made on web-based portal, fixed registration terminals, tablets or smartphones. And at the same time, it allows the employee to see his/her own working time and current balances on holiday, flexi-time/time-off-in-lieu etc.

Month overview in web portal

ProTime has standard integrations to the most common payroll systems. This enables approved payroll and absence data to be transferred in an automated process.

Approval via mobile phoneCorrect wages in due time with less administration

With ProTime, the company can automate multiple processes and thus eliminate manual tasks for both employees, managers and the payroll administration. This leads to: 

  • Saved time and reduction of administrative costs by up to 3%
  • Compliance with applicable labour market rules, collective agreements and internal personnel policies
  • Reduced risk of errors and delays in payroll calculation
  • Possible reduction of absence by as much as 25% through targeted processes using the knowledge gained about absence
  • Increased trust between the company and its employees


Depending on the specific company’s situation, ProTime often turns out to be a solution which pays for itself within one-two years.

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