ProNotify is the module that automatically notifies relevant people about missing registrations and approvals. This simplifies administration and optimises payroll procedures.

It can be very time-consuming for the payroll administration to make sure that all registrations and necessary approvals are in place in time.

With ProNotify you can automatically notify employees and managers in case of irregularities or specific events registered in ProMark. The notifications can also be distributed at specific times in relation to the payroll or holiday period.

Notification ensure timely actions

Among the events in ProMark which can trigger notifications are:

  • Missing registrations (clock-in, clock-out, absence, reasons and project registrations)
  • Missing acknowledgement of payroll period (for salaried staff who only register absence)
  • Missing approval of e.g. transactions and holiday requests
  • Approved holiday
  • An account balance near the upper limit, e.g. overtime
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Alarm on doors with access control
  • Finished batch jobs run on server
  • Errors and rejections when exchanging data to/from other systems (HR/payroll/ERP)

The notifications can be sent as individual emails, SMS messages or messages in ProPortal or ProMobile, so they reach the recipient in the most appropriate manner.

The notifications can be:

  • General reminders to all employees, for instance to submit any mileage claims
  • Individual messages to relevant employees, approvers and managers with variable content in accordance with the events that trigger a notification
  • Personal free text messages to one or more employees
ProNotify - overview of flows

Less administration and correct salaries in time

With ProNotify, the payroll administration saves both time and trouble to find which registrations and approvals are missing and send out reminders – possibly repeatedly. This is automatically done according to fixed schedules without any manual effort.

ProNotify proactively facilitates that registrations and approvals are carried out before the end of the payroll period and thus, that the payroll foundation is completed in time. This reduces the pressure on the payroll administration and ensures that the employees receive a correct and timely salary payment, which in turn strengthens employee satisfaction

ProNotify not only increases efficiency in payroll administration. The automated notifications also ensure that managers do not have to spend unnecessary time searching for inconsistencies but can focus on the core business.