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Reporting of mileage and expenses – ProMileage

ProMileage is used for reporting mileage and out-of-pocket expenses such as transport costs and meals in connection with a task or project

ProMileage – mileage and expense reporting via ProPortal

Mileage and expense reporting in ProPortalThe reporting facility for tax-free mileage allowance and travel expenses is supported by the portal in ProMark, and this forms the basis for invoicing or refunding for mobile employees.

Mileage reporting allows you to include the following information:

  • The commercial purpose of the trip such as customer or supplier visit
  • Date of the trip
  • Possibility to choose different kinds of settlement (tax-free/taxable)
  • Indication of number of kilometres driven
  • Destination of the trip

The official rate for calculation of mileage allowance is automatically used, and the system supports the change of rate at 10,000 kilometres. The mileage (and expense) report is saved electronically for verification and approval by the employer.

Reporting of out-of-pocket expenses contains:

  • Receipt number
  • Date of expense
  • Description
  • Account
  • Amount

Simple approval of mileage and expensesProMileage is a simple and intuitive tool for everyone in the organisation and requires no training. The user interface is in the well-known portal design, and all functions are easy to use. The use of pre-defined routes is very helpful and ensures correct settlement.

Advantages with ProMileage

With ProMileage, all expense reporting is possible as an integrated part of the customer’s current ProMark solution. This ensures:

  • Reduced administration
  • Integrated approval procedure
  • Automatic transfer to payroll system
  • Transparency for employees
  • Legality and compliance with documentation requirements

ProMileage expense reportOutcome

ProMileage simplifies workflows and connects employee, management and administration in a simple manner which not only saves time but also boosts internal trust.

This provides the company with a simplification and streamlining of administrative processes which directly leads to the reduction of administrative costs.

The user interface in ProMileage is simple and easy to use and creates transparency within the organisation.

The set-up allows you to define which areas of functionality (mileage/expenditure) are displayed, and so you can tailor the user interface to each employee, department or company.