Did you know that flexitime often results in happier and more productive employees?

  • Employees on flexitime are not only more satisfied with their jobs, they also work more intensely.
  • Employees on flexitime with the opportunity to work at home have greater job satisfaction, less stress and greater loyalty than their counterparts without this option.

These advantages of flexitime are some of the conclusions in a recent study by the Cranfield School of Management in the UK.

With ProMark your company can eliminate the time consuming manual handling of flexitime. You can abolish the employee's drawer accounting and records kept in spreadsheets; they never have to use the flexitime spreadsheet anymore.

With the use of ProMark all functions relating to flexitime and employees' attendance registrations are taken care of, from online registration, approval and closing of payroll periods to documentation and transfer to the payroll system, and as such a complete flexitime system.

ProMark suits all types of businesses, whether they have simple or complex requirements to their time & attendance registration. ProMark is offered together with or can be expanded by our flexitime module.

Flexibility and easy configuration is achieved using the latest in software development and techniques, combined with advanced reporting facilities.

Overview of flexitime

The flexitime module calculates and continuously updates each employee's flexitime balance. In the flexitime module you can enter maximum and minimum limits for flexitime, and you can determine a maximum value allowed to be transferred to the next payroll period.

Mark Information has 30 years' experience in time and attendance management including flexitime. Mark Information has the right IT technology to merge with your other IT solutions, thus facilitating administration and payroll handling.

ProMark is both workforce management, time and attendance and a flexitime system.