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Email notification – ProNotify

ProNotify automatically sends notifications for missing registrations and approvals, greatly simplifying administration and optimising payroll procedures

Get notifications and be proactive!

ProNotify helps you be proactiveProNotify sends an automatic notification (sent as individual e-mails, text or portal messages) to employees and managers in response to irregularities or as a consequence of the occurrence of specific events registered in ProMark.

It is possible to have automatic notifications concerning:

  • Missing registrations (clock-in, clock-out, absence reasons and project registrations)
  • Missing acknowledgement of payroll period (for salaried staff who only register absence)
  • Missing approvals
  • Use of specific reasons
  • Birthdays and anniversaries
  • Alarm on doors with access control
  • Finished batch jobs run on server
  • Errors and rejections when exchanging data to/from other systems (HR/payroll/ERP)

Any notification is initiated by a specific event or, alternatively, you can define the number of days before or after the end of a payroll period when the notification should be distributed.

A general notification might be a reminder to all employees, for instance to submit any mileage claims or to remember some recurring registration before the end of the period.

The more advanced kind of notification is individual e-mails sent to employees, approvers or managers depending on specific defined parameters such as the occurrence of specific events, missing approvals by managers, or missing information from individual employees. The content of the e-mail is defined in a template with variable data for receiver, sender and content in accordance with the results found by ProNotify when checking registrations and data.

It is possible to send notifications to a substitute defined in ProMark, and to omit notifications to employees who are e.g. on leave, so no unnecessary notifications are awaiting responses.

Notifications can be received in ProPortal or sent via e-mail or SMS, so that they reach the recipient in the most appropriate manner.

Clear advantages with ProNotify

ProNotify saves the payroll administration team both the trouble of remembering to send out reminders and the time to find which registrations, approvals and reasons are missing. This is automatically done according to fixed schedules.

Where one manager has completed all approvals, but another manager is missing some, a notification is only sent to the relevant person. There are no unnecessary e-mails, only the necessary notifications.

In ProNotify it is simple to set up notifications and you have a complete view of sent and scheduled notifications.

With this proactive assistance to complete the payroll foundation, it is ensured that registrations and approvals are carried out before the end of the payroll period, and the payroll administration is less pressed for time.

Practical benefits

With ProNotify, the company's payroll administration is alerted when something is not in order; this ensures that the necessary registrations and approvals are completed on time and without unnecessary information chasing by admin staff. A correct and timely salary payment ensures employee satisfaction.

Proactive notification via customised e-mails to managers about specific events or non-occurrence of events ensures that managers do not have to spend unnecessary time searching for inconsistencies; they can focus on the core business.

ProNotify means increased efficiency in payroll administration and in the actual production.