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Attendance and absence analysis – ProAbs

ProAbs is an effective tool for analysing employee attendance, absence and overtime in order to highlight when intervention is required

ProAbs structures follow-up on absence

ProAbs dynamic workflowProAbs is a dedicated tool that gives managers an overview of employee absence and overtime patterns, and sends notification when irregularities occur.

ProAbs provides an overview of absence patterns across departments, divisions, sites etc. revealing where relevant HR actions are required or serving as the basis for management decisions. In addition, ProAbs can support HR in executing relevant activities and administrative procedures.

ProAbs acts on customer-defined rules by providing a warning if limit values are exceeded and subsequently initiating a pre-defined workflow or action plan. The company can define a set of rules for a range of scenarios, such as detecting when an employee has taken more than a certain number of sick days within a given period.

When the criteria in the set of rules are fulfilled, ProAbs initiates the defined workflow or action plan.

Management gets the opportunity to proactively help a particular employee if this is deemed necessary and, at the same time, they get the system support to administer illness/absence talks with employees and other kinds of follow-up.

ProAbs is indispensable when it comes to the refunding of sickness benefit. The system will indicate if the company is entitled to public refunding of, for instance sickness benefit for an employee, and will help observe deadline for applications. The company will thereby avoid losing the right to refunds because of a missed deadline!

Advantages of ProAbs

The purpose of ProAbs is quite simply to make better use of the information on absence and overtime already held within the system. ProAbs is a powerful tool which operates according to internal, user-defined rules, and simultaneously ensures the adherence to public regulations.

It is essential that employees in a company thrive and that the company lives up to its social responsibility. The so-called work/life balance is extremely important in the employee's everyday life and the right balance enables individuals to perform at their best for the company.

ProAbs facilitates better support for employees who need it. It allows the company to take action in accordance with labour laws as well as internal employee agreements and policies, while simultaneously making proactive effort to assist employees. Furthermore, ProAbs eliminates the risk of losing the right to sickness benefit refunds which otherwise may turn out to be very costly.

ProAbs gives the company a strategic tool for collection and analysis of data focusing on the following goals:

  • To prevent absence due to illness
  • To promote an early intervention
  • To improve the interaction between the focus on health and employment
  • To receive public refunding if applicable

Company profits

Essentially, ProAbs ensures that the company does not lose money on absence due to illness; money which might otherwise have been refunded. Applications for refunding are filed in time and this considerably reduces what is otherwise a large expense.

Additionally, the system is preventive; by focusing on the employees' work/life balance, you can ensure improved job satisfaction and a lower level of absence due to illness in the company. This in turn increases productivity (the essence of any sound business) and will even directly be reflected in the earnings.