Task Management

Job, process and project registration for complete control of activities and production processes

Efficiency and cost-cutting initiatives are, like never before, a decisive parameter in companies' efforts to remain profitable and competitive.

With ProMark, you can collect critical data in an automated process. This reduces manual routines in the company, as well as provides current and valuable insights into the company’s own operations. It gives the company a solid and fact-based basis for decisions and improves the ability to respond quickly to changes in demand or capacity.

ProMark offers the following modules:

Project registration:
Time and status registration of projects and activities

ProJect is primarily used by salaried staff and enables the individual employee to register time spent on different activities and projects – with the ability to compare time usage against budget. Time and status on company projects, cases and activities are reported easily and intuitively – either when tasks change or at the end of the day or week.

With ProJect the company can avoid manual project management and time reports in individual spreadsheets. The project registration is made either on a PC (portal), iPad or mobile phone (app). And with notifications (weekly and/or monthly sign-off) the system automatically runs a check to see if reporting is made in due time according to the company’s invoicing processes. The registered data is immediately available and provides specific knowledge about the company’s activities. This streamlines the execution of projects and activities and ensures the basis for recalculation and financial follow-up.

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Task management:
Collection and validation of critical production data

ProJob is the solution for optimising the company’s production processes and costs.

ProJob ensures a smooth, online registration of production-critical parameters directly from the production floor such as job in and out, produced amounts and materials consumption. Through integration with the ERP system, ProJob is fed with production plans in the form of orders and operations. And the real-time data are fed back to the ERP system for continuous updating of the plan.

Via the production display both planned and actual production status is visualised on big screens or on pc/tablet – in real time. This provides an overview of the progress of orders, and irregularities and potential delays are identified early on, enabling the company to act before it is too late.

With ProJob the company gets a detailed overview of personnel, machines and materials as well as reasons for deviations. This ensures better utilisation of resources, reduces production costs and improves delivery reliability – and increases the productivity of the company.

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