Reporting on construction sites – ProConstruction

ProConstruction is a digital time registration solution developed specifically for the building and construction industry.

ProConstruction for construction sitesWith ProConstruction companies can collect working time, supplements, mileage and other types of information directly from the construction sites. The solution also includes functionality to manage approvals and further processing of data.

The solution supports two ways of registration:

  • Registration by the foreman (e.g. piecework)
  • Registration by the employee

Foreman registration

Foreman registration enables the foreman to enter time on a specific project/activity/piecework for all employees in the team as well as any supplements.

Time is compared to normal working hours per day. This helps the company to track that all hours are accounted for. The foreman can also make changes to several registrations in one go, e.g. move them from one project/activity to another.

Foreman registration for a good overview

The hours reported form the basis for remuneration of employees and the solution supports 3 different rates:

  • Advance rate: The basic salary rate per hour
  • Uptake: The advance rate can be adjusted periodically with an ‘uptake’, covering all involved employees and all hours from when the specific piecework started
  • End pay: The end pay is the final adjustment to make up the full agreed amount for the work. This also covers all involved employees and all hours – and concludes the specific piecework

Timesheet for employee registrations

Employee registration 

Employee registration is made in the digital ‘time sheet’ where the employees register their own time and work as well as supplements, mileage and daily allowances via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

An overall observation view enables the foreman or the HR/payroll office to make a final check of the registrations before validation and transfer to the payroll system.

Employee construction timesheet ->

Lean administration of working time and correct data for payroll and invoicing

With ProConstruction, the company can optimise the process of collecting working time on the construction sites. The result is faster and more accurate collection of employee working time for both remuneration, accounting, machine accounting and more.

Thus, ProConstruction provides a number of benefits for the company:

  • Minimises the use of resources
  • Minimises the number of errors
  • Prepares data for payroll
  • Prepares data for customer invoicing
  • Provides accurate data for more effective management of large-scale projects