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Overall Equipment effectiveness – ProOEE

Monitor both planned and actual production status in real-time

Mark Information’s ProOEE module makes it possible to monitor both planned and actual production status in real-time. ProOEE suits all types of production and helps the company ensure that the correct tasks are executed according to schedule.

Planned and actual production status in real-time

Produktionsoverblik på storskærmWith ProOEE, planned as well as ongoing production data is displayed onscreen. As your employees register their time usage and production results, the actual status in the individual production units is updated. Thus ProOEE creates a foundation for continuously ensuring that company resources are used correctly and that information on what needs to be executed is available and visible to everybody.

The time spent and the actual production result is updated in real-time and can be compared to what was planned. This way, irregularities and potential delays are identified early on, enabling the company to act swiftly.


In many companies, information boards are used for displaying the status of production and projects – as a print-out or a status drawn directly on a whiteboard, for example. Often, the information is outdated before it is published on the board and therefore, it will display an erroneous status.

One of the advantages of ProOEE is the ability to present up-to-date production data on big screens/monitors on the shop floor (a Production Display). Moreover, responsible employees in production can use the solution for ad-hoc production monitoring.

ProOEE allows you to detect deviations in production/on projects such as machine stop or lack of manpower or materials. As a result, you can adjust plans to ensure that orders are delivered on time and that the effort is aligned with what is planned.

Produktionsoverblik på tablet til værkføreren

The information in ProOEE can be configured, filtered and sorted according to customer wishes; you may have up to 10 columns of information related to orders and operations and you can select to display – among others:

  • Planned hours
  • Actual hours
  • Runtime
  • Remaining runtime
  • Status (e.g. production or interruption/stoppage)
  • Manning
  • Planned end date
  • Time left till completion

ProOEE displays both planned and actual production status in real-time. You can publish ProOEE in any format you wish: on big screens or PC, Ipad (Tablet) and smartphone. ProOEE is very flexible and can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of the individual production unit. It gives an updated production status on the medium/media of choice.

Optimum utilization of company resources

With ProOEE you can monitor production in real-time; ProOEE provides you with updated information whenever you need to make decisions. You can see whether the different orders, operations and projects are on schedule or whether deviations have occurred as a result of machine failure, lack of manpower, materials or the like.

Resources that are not used effectively may result in lost business which you may not regain. A delay due to an equipment breakdown is difficult to catch up with, at least not without additional costs and extra strain on personnel and machinery. If you want to ensure optimum use of resources, ProOEE is the solution for you.