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Project registration and activity time via portal

Project registration and activity time via portal – for all employees

Having the full basis for calculation of ’cradle to grave’ costs on your company’s products and services is essential for keeping up the company’s efficiency. Using the simple and intuitive web-based project registration in ProMark, we can help you with answers to questions like:

  • Is time (even for salaried staff) spent on the right activities?
  • Are ongoing projects (still) profitable and sound?
  • Is the cost price of your products correct or is salaried staff time actually not included in the cost calculation?
  • Are you in control of indirect production costs?

Answers to these questions have always been relevant, but today more than ever – due to the global market situation - it is crucial to have specific knowledge about these areas.


Projects you wish to register time on, may lie within almost any part of your company: Development, planning, design, production, sales, service/maintenance etc.

And by defining or retrieving the projects from other system in your company, the actual knowledge becomes as specific or general as you would wish. Registered data and hours land in the category they came from, i.e. job orders or projects. From there they can be used for internal calculation of cost prices, follow-up on efficiency or external invoicing among other things.

Project registration - weekly overviewALL EMPLOYEES CAN REGISTER

Any employee with access to the portal via individual or common pc, via intranet etc. can now register their time spent – on specific orders, activities, projects or preparation and service.

Week overview in ProPortal



Project registration in ProPortalYou are free to choose whether you want all attendance time accounted for by each employee or whether you only want relevant project time.

Registration is made in a simple, intuitive and fast manner in only a few screens, and this can be done either as you change between different tasks or in one go at the end of the day, week or month.

Registered data is immediately available for planning and follow-up at the office.


ADDED VALUE with project registration

Your company will obtain invaluable knowledge about your operations and also get the opportunity to follow up on present and future work tasks and routines.

Similarly, ProPortal will allow you to put other functions and information at the disposal of employees who are now registering in ProMark.

If project registration was previously done manually, you can save time both as regards administration and subsequent processing as well as a better and faster overview of work in progress.


ProPortal supports different roles in relation to work functions: employees, approvers and managers. We are continually working on adding relevant roles, and roles and functions will always be designed in a way so that no installation nor training will be required.

More advanced functions in ProMark still require other kinds of access such as a Windows client.