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Handling project time – ProJect

ProJect handles project registration. Employees can quickly and simply register their activities and time spent on different projects

ProJect – simple and intuitive project registration

ProJect allows employees to register their own time usage on different tasks and projects.ProJect allows employees to register their own time usage on different tasks and projects. It is primarily used by salaried staff. ProJect can be configured so that each day’s activity registrations either match the employee’s actual work hours (according to clock in and clock out registrations) or they are independent registrations of time on tasks and activities.

Projects and activities within ProJect are defined either directly in ProMark or transferred from other systems in the company such as the ERP system. In a simple and intuitive dialogue, each employee registers his or her time and status on projects and activities, either immediately as the tasks change or as a summary at the end of the day or week. The collected data can be used for many purposes including internal calculation of cost prices, and to follow-up on efficiency or external invoicing amongst other things.

ProPortal is the web-based access to ProMark where the employee can register their projects and activities via their personal page. In order to encourage regular registration, ProJect can be supplied with ProTracker which will remind the employee to register his/her activities in real-time via an icon on their screen. The different activities are colour-coded, so that they are easily recognizable, and swapping between activities is done with just a few key strokes.

ProJect is naturally connected to the ProTime module. Here you define the total time that is to be accounted for – for instance including external meetings but excluding absence such as holidays or illness. The registration screen displays the amount of time to be accounted for by the employee for each day.

ProJect can even be used by employees who do not clock in and out for work. Their time is registered on the individual projects while simultaneously indicating whether it is normal hours or overtime. In addition to the time spent it is possible to register activity status, such as ‘on schedule’ or ‘delayed’.

Rapidly available information can optimise employee time expenditure

By utilising ProJect, management can get answers to questions like:

  • Is time spent on the right activities?
  • Are the ongoing projects profitable?
  • Is salaried staff time allocated correctly on projects?
  • Are the indirect production costs under control?

Registered data are immediately available for use in planning, follow-up and reporting. The company thereby obtains valuable knowledge about their own business and are able to follow up on present and future work tasks and routines.

Within ProMark, time is the primary registration. In ProJect, however, further information can be collected on up to 8 aspects of a registered activity. These data are collected quickly and easily and can prove invaluable, especially when creating future plans or ensuring that precise invoice information is available for each individual project.

By implementing ProJect you avoid manual data collection. ProJect makes the planning of projects and activities far more efficient and provides a foundation for accurate costing and financial follow-up.

Registrations in ProJect create an overview of how an individual’s time is spent. This is useful not only for management but also for the individual employee. In a logical and clear format, you can see exactly how an employee’s time has been spent. This may even be a motivation tool for the employee.

ProJect improves decision-making and ensures accurate invoicing

ProJect gives accurate information about the company’s project-based activities. Costs on each project can be calculated precisely to provide a full insight into the distribution of resources. ProJect allows effective and valid cost calculations and ensures that planned tasks are executed at the right time. If a project does not proceed according to plan, re-planning is easier due to the information available.

With ProJect, the manual administration of company projects is eliminated. Time expenditure and the status of all activities is gathered in one place where it is both quick and easy to obtain an overview. Similarly, all handling of these data conveniently takes place in the same system.

As work hours and project registration is recorded precisely, ProJect delivers a fast and exact basis for invoicing with regard to customer deliveries.