Collection of time on activities and projects

With ProJect, employees can register their time on different projects and activities. This allows you to follow up on time consumption and gives you a precise basis for customer invoicing

The employee easily registers his/her time on projects via mobile phoneWith ProJect, each employee easily registers his or her time on projects, either immediately as the projects change or as a summary at the end of the day or week. Registrations are made either via web portal, PC or mobile phone.

As a starting point, the project time is linked to the employee's clock-in and clock-out time but the module can also be used by employees who do not clock in and out for work. Any registration can be supplied with further information on up to 8 dimensions defining e.g. department or whether it is billable time or not. In addition to the time spent it is possible to register activity status, such as ‘on schedule’ or ‘delayed’.

Projects are defined either directly in ProMark or transferred from other systems in the company such as the ERP system. Similarly, budget data can also be transferred to help you keep track of whether or not you are on budget.

If employees work on the same project for a long time, they can be allocated a home project so that the time is automatically posted on this project and they avoid having to register the same thing every day.

Week overview of project and attendance time


Relevant information optimises time expenditure

The registrations of time spent create an overview for the individual employee. At the same time, management has access to the full overview of ongoing projects and can get answers to questions like:

  • Is salaried staff time allocated correctly on projects?
  • Is time spent on the right activities?
  • Are the indirect production costs under control?
  • Are the ongoing projects profitable?

Managers receive project registrations for approval and both employees and managers can get reminders about e.g. missing project registrations or lack of approval.

Improved decision-making and accurate invoicing

ProJect eliminates the manual administration of company projects and ensures that time expenditure and the status of all projects is gathered in one place. This provides an overview and valuable insight into the company’s operation enabling:

  • Efficient planning and execution of projects
  • Tight budget control as time expenditure can be compared to budget
  • Valid financial follow-up as costs on each project can be calculated precisely
  • Fast and exact basis for invoicing with regard to customer deliveries as work hours and project registrations are recorded precisely