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Hosting of your ProMark server – ProMark Private Cloud

Let Mark Information handle the ProMark Server

ProMark Private Cloud

Do you want maximum safety in the operation of your Workforce Management solution? With a ProMark Private Cloud agreement Mark Information provides a stable platform that keeps your ProMark solution running 24/7.


From the commissioning date, Mark Information will deliver full service on the operation of the server day and night, including monitoring with proactive actions, full system management as well as system restore.

The IT operations include the following elements:

ProHosting includes these services

hand over responsibility

With a ProMark Private Cloud agreement Mark Information ensures that the basic IT installation is in line with current best practices at all times.

This means:

  • High operational safety as the server is mirrored at multiple locations
  • Predictable costs in the IT budget through a fixed monthly fee
  • Proactive notifications in case of need for a capacity upgrade
  • Smooth and optimized cooperation through a detailed agreement on the operation and contact between the parties

The full benefits are achieved by simultaneously signing up for Application Management Service where Mark Information takes over responsibility for the ongoing IT operations of ProMark.

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