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Application Management Service

Free up more time in your IT department

Application Management ServiceIn many companies, the IT department is constantly under pressure. Increased digitization, new systems and more users makes it difficult to keep up.

With Application Management Service you can securely hand over your routine IT management of ProMark to Mark Information. We will then closely monitor and support the system and ensure that it is running optimally.

The IT department’s extended arm

With Application Management Service we offer to monitor a number of services and modules in your ProMark solution.

We ensure:

  • That you are operating on a supported version of ProMark, including an annual upgrade
  • That the database is cleaned up and reorganised in order to improve transparency in ProMark and ensure stable operation
  • That your back-up processes are monitored

In addition, we also ensure that the tasks in each ProMark module run on schedule, including:

  • That integrations to e.g. the payroll and/or ERP systems are working
  • That notifications are distributed in accordance with your setup
  • That ProMark data is transferred to your Business Intelligence solution
  • That the right person or department is advised if one or more of your terminals are offline

Stable operation and predictable costs

Through the Application Management Service we take the IT operation related tasks off your shoulders. This gives you a number of advantages:

  • Stable operation of your system
  • More time to focus on other value-adding activities in the company
  • Faster problem solving with minimum involvement
  • Predictable costs in the IT budget through a fixed monthly fee

Thus, Application Management Service for ProMark optimises your company’s investment in ProMark.

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