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Web-based rostering – ProRoster

Efficient and clear staff roster planning

Ensuring that the right resources are available when needed can be a complicated and time-consuming puzzle – especially for companies with many hourly-paid workers with flexible working hours and temporary workers. There are often many elements to take into account when rostering:

  • Staff requirements in relation to tasks
  • Dynamics in the tasks that affect the staffing
  • Union and local agreements
  • Working hours and planned holiday and absence
  • Employee requests
  • Unforeseen absence such as illness, meetings and the like

With ProRoster, the company can efficiently plan employee time, achieve a better overview and optimum usage of their resources. 

Right employee for the right task at the right time

ProRoster is a web-based planning tool which clearly presents staffing in an easy and intuitive format. The individual planner can customize the format so that relevant information such as overtime, remaining holiday and the like is visible during the planning process. 

Planning is carried out by adjusting the individual employee’s working time as needed. If more planners work with the same employees, ProRoster can make sure that no plans overlap. And all plans are validated centrally by ProMark, ensuring compliance with working time rules.

The planner is presented with the impact of the plan with regards to both time and economy before publishing the plan. This allows for strict management in relation to budgets. 

Staff roster planning with ProRoster

Self-service for the employee

By offering self-service via our ProMobile app, the employees get easy access to see their own roster plan as well as balances on holiday and flexi-time accounts. If the plans change, anyone involved can be notified via notifications.

Employees also have the opportunity to see available shifts that they can take over, as well as swap and sell shifts via their mobile phone. Similarly, they can indicate wishes for holiday and time off, which is also reflected in ProRoster when the plans are being made. And the manager can quickly decide whether the requests can be met or must be rejected.

Better overview, less overtime and increased flexibility

With ProRoster, the company gets a flexible and user-friendly planning tool that enables the company to move planning all the way to the shop floor – close to the individual employee. 

This provides a much better overview, reduces overtime and administrative time and increases the flexibility for both the company and the employees.


  • Payroll savings – normal hours instead of overtime
  • Possible to calculate the economic impact of any plan (strict management in relation to budgets)
  • Time saved on administration (streamlining of routine tasks)
  • Easier to fulfil employee’s wishes
  • Instant and flexible re-planning in case of deviations
  • Always up to date and optimised roster plans
  • Online overview for managers


  • Ensures that working time rules are respected
  • Less overtime, less stress and less absence due to illness
  • Supports work/life balance
  • Easier to get wishes fulfilled
  • Self-service encourages responsibility
  • Always up to date and optimised roster plans
  • Online overview for the individual employee