Task Management strengthens your organisation

The possibility to allocate the right people, in the right roles, at the right places, at the right time enables everyone (especially management) to stay focused on maximising efficiency and effectiveness.

ProMark Workforce Management provides overviews of your employees. Having an overview allows you to make better decisions; decisions that may be of vital importance to ensure goods are delivered on time, that production can take place, and that your business is profitable. Do you know the profitability of your services or projects?

ProMark Workforce Management presents information clearly allowing excess capacity and bottlenecks to be easily identified.

ProMark facilitates

  • Adjustment of attendance schedules
  • Detailed planning in real time
  • Registration of activities, jobs, cases, projects etc.
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Reduction of manual administration

With task management the performance of the entire company is optimised which results in a very reasonable ROI.


Don’t just dream of task management!

With various ProMark modules like ProJect, ProJob, ProRoster and ProReport, we can help you with your task management so that it is targeted specifically to meet your needs.

Mark Information has 35 years' experience in task management. We have the right IT technology that can fuse with your other IT solutions, thus facilitating overview and quick and proper response to the business challenges.