Shift scheduling – ProSchedule

Shift scheduling according to company demands

It can be a very complex and time-consuming task to ensure that the right resources are present according to actual demands for manpower at specific times – particularly in companies with many hourly paid workers with flexible working time. 

With ProSchedule, the company can streamline the shift scheduling while making sure that working time rules and any requirements for employee qualifications are respected. And with artificial intelligence (AI) for scheduling, it becomes even more simple to work out the optimal plan.


ProSchedule is web-based shift scheduling. The module makes it easy to make work schedules based on current labour needs at specific times, during the day or period. And the plan can easily be adjusted on an ongoing basis, e.g. if the company needs to scale up or down. 

The plan is built by defining building blocks of shifts to be covered by employees. The building blocks are easily put together with drag-and-drop to build the full schedule. Once the shifts have been planned, they are assigned to the relevant employee – and the solution keeps track of working time rules and absence for the individual employee as well as requirements for employee qualifications.

ProSchedule - the team leader's tool for shift scheduling
The planner can plan multiple shifts on the same day for employees – both for the same function and for different roles which may mean different remuneration.

If the shifts are not manned in the planning process or they become vacant due to illness or other absence, they may be offered to relevant employees.

ProSchedule can be used for permanent employees in combination with hourly paid staff. Thus, the module is very suitable in industries with many casual workers who do not work on a fixed schedule but are hired for hours as needed.


With AI, the planner can be presented with a draft plan which takes both forecast, working time rules and the qualifications and employee wishes into consideration.

This will make it even faster and simpler for the planner to work out the best plan while ensuring manning according to the demands. Of course, this also applies to subsequent adjustments to plans, for example in the event of illness or unexpected peak loads.


Mobile self-service in ProScheduleWhen the plan is ready, it is distributed to the employees and is always available on mobile and web portal. If the plan changes, affected employees can be notified.

The employees have easy access to see vacant shifts they can take over and they can swap and sell own shifts. They can also indicate wishes for holiday and other leave which will be reflected in ProSchedule when the plan is being prepared. 


With ProSchedule, shift scheduling can be moved out to the team leader in each individual department or unit. And with self-service options, the company has a great basis for building the optimum schedule.

ProSchedule provides a number of benefits to the company:

  • Less time spent on administration
  • Possibility for strict management in relation to the company’s actual demands for staffing
  • Easy to adhere to working time rules and take qualifications and employee wishes into account when preparing the plan
  • Flexible planning in relation to current conditions in production and deviations
  • With AI, scheduling can be even more efficient and ensure even better use of your manpower
  • Easy handling of casual workers who are hired for hours as needed
  • Employees always have an updated overview of their current working hours and any changes – and they can swap and sell shifts
  • Managers can easily approve relevant shift swaps and other activities made by employees via self-service