Rostering & employee scheduling

Efficient and simple staff roster planning

It can be a time-consuming task to plan that the right staffing is present when needed.

With ProRoster, the company can streamline their staff rostering while ensuring that working time rules are complied with.


ProRoster is a web-based module for staff rostering. The module presents staffing in a clear and intuitive format based on the employees’ normal working hours/rotations. The individual planner can customise the format so that relevant information such as overtime, company holidays, planned absence and remaining holiday is visible during the planning process.

Planning is carried out by adjusting the working hours – i.e. adjusting clock-in and clock-out times – as needed. This can be done either for the individual day and employee or for multiple employees or multiple days at the same time. In addition, the planner can swap shifts between the employees.

ProRoster - the team leaders tool for staff rostering

The planner can also plan multiple shifts on the same day for employees – both for the same function and for different roles and thus perhaps a different remuneration.

The planner can choose to display the impact of the plan in terms of time, before publishing the plan. This allows for verifying that the plan is within the limits.

If more planners work with the same employees, ProRoster can make sure that no plans overlap and that the individual planner only releases own changes.

All plans are validated centrally by ProMark, ensuring compliance with working time rules. It is also possible to see the log from previous periods showing the actual clock-in and clock-out times. This allows the planner to see deviations from what was planned.


When the plan is ready, it is available to the employees on the portal and mobile. Thus, the employees always have an updated overview of their own roster plan and easy access to see balances on holiday and flexi-time accounts. If the plan changes, all affected employees can be notified.


With ProRoster, the company gets a flexible and user-friendly planning tool that enables the company to move roster planning out to the team leader in each department/unit – close to the individual employee.

This provides a number of benefits to the company:

  • Less administrative time when planning
  • Possibility for strict management of time in relation to the company’s limits
  • Help to ensure that working time rules are respected
  • Increased flexibility in case of deviations
  • The employees always have an updated overview of the roster plan – also in case of changes