Production planning made easy

  • Do you ever have more staff than you need to meet production targets? That costs!
  • Do you sometimes call in extra employees to cover staff illness? That definitely costs!
  • Are there too few employees to implement planned changes? That costs!
  • Have you correctly matched employees to tasks? If not, that costs!
  • Do you know which of your employees are currently available to work? If not... yes, exactly; that costs!

Taking all this into account when planning staffing can be time-consuming and simply frustrating. And even with the best of intentions, there will be errors and alterations which reduce productivity, increase costs and put your company at risk. There is always a competitor ready to poach your customer!

ProMark Workforce Management offers ProRoster, the busy manager’s essential automated planning tool. It allows your company to base decisions on hard facts in real time, view a precise and reliable overview of activities on the shop floor and create lasting results.

Production planning saves time and money and optimises the performance of your employees.

Take control of production planning

Mark Information can remove guess work from production planning!

With 35 years’ experience in production planning and the latest IT technology which can be integrated with other IT solutions, Mark Information gives businesses the ability to see an overview of their activities and allows them to react quickly to challenges.