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Employee scheduling

Creating the optimum plan with less administrative work

Ensuring that the right resources are available when needed can be a complicated and time-consuming task. Often, there are many elements to take into account when scheduling:

  • Staff working hours and planned holiday and absence
  • Working time rules, union and local agreements
  • Employee qualifications
  • Staff requirements in relation to the tasks
  • Employee requests for changed working time and/or holiday
  • Budgeted hours
  • Dynamics in the tasks that affect the staffing
  • Unforeseen absence such as illness, meetings and the like

ProMark’s modules for employee scheduling support the company in creating the optimum plan with less administrative work.

Two modules for employee scheduling

ProMark offers two scheduling modules that can be used in combination as all data is stored centrally in ProMark:


ProRoster is a web-based module for staff rostering based on rotations and employee work hours.


ProSchedule supports shift scheduling based on demands for manpower (and possibly qualifications), and subsequently allocating the shifts to relevant employees. ProSchedule also allows self-service for the employees.


Digitalising the scheduling task provides many benefits for the company:

  • Time saved on administration through streamlining routine tasks
  • Payroll savings (normal hours instead of overtime)
  • Ensures that working time rules are respected
  • Instant and flexible rescheduling in case of deviations
  • Easier to fulfil employee’s wishes for changes or holiday
  • Self-service for employees – and thus, decentralised scheduling among the employees
  • Always up to date roster plans
  • Online overview for managers and the individual employee