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Web-based rostering – ProRoster

Simple, clear and efficient web-based staff roster planning

With ProRoster the planner receives a web-based planning tool, which clearly presents staffing in an easy and intuitive format. The individual planner can customize the format so that relevant information (such as overtime, remaining vacation and the like) is visible in connection with the planning.

Through the very flexible navigation features, the planner can easily select the period he or she wishes to display – with a start date, as well as a bi-weekly or monthly display – and with a single click it is possible to "jump" to the next period.

ProRoster - simple web-based staff roster planningPlanning is carried out by adjusting the individual employee's working time and location as needed.

The working time can be adjusted directly in the "cell" individually, or also by selecting and performing the change for several employees or several days at the same time.

With the advanced filtering and grouping options, a detailed overview can be created with just a few clicks, and you can easily return to the overall, total overview display.

With a single click, the planner is presented with the impact of the planned with regards to both time and economy. Thus, it can be verified that both time consumption and economy go hand in hand with the company's business.

Centralized and decentralized planning in one solution

ProRoster is web-based, and therefore no heavy and cumbersome installation is required, and at the same time, it is quick to work with in a web browser.

User access and the data that is presented can be controlled at the departmental and group level. All plans are stored and validated centrally by ProMark, thereby ensuring compliance with work time rules, and there is the possibility of doing a centralized follow-up on the planning.

The planner selects when a plan or changes in the planning is ready and must be published – work is done in a local copy of the plan.

Reduce administrative time and achieve greater flexibility

With ProRoster, planning can be moved completely out "on the floor". Planning close to the individual employee makes it possible to reduce the time spent on administration, just as it results in greater flexibility in relation to current conditions in production.

The web-based user interface provides a quick and simple overview of all the necessary data collected in the same screen – in an efficient and clear manner.

The economic impact of the plan is visible underway which allows for strict management in relation to budgets.

ProRoster provides the company with a highly flexible and easy-to-use planning tool that allows decentralized and centralized planning, which can ensure that the right resources are present when they are needed.