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Rostering & employee scheduling

Allocating the right staff with the right qualifications, for the right task and at the right time – this must be the purpose of rostering and employee scheduling for any company

Using traditional methods it takes quite a while to make rosters, and it is a complicated puzzle to take everything into account in just one plan:

  • Manning requirements in relations to tasks
  • Employee qualifications
  • Attendance hours and planned holiday and absence
  • Sudden absence such as illness, meetings etc.
  • Union and local agreements
  • Employee requests

Mark Information offers a dynamic and flexible rostering and employee scheduling system ProRoster which enables a company to efficiently plan employee time and tasks and to get the general overview and optimum usage of their resources.

Advantages with rostering and employee scheduling

  • Reduced salaries – normal time instead of overtime
  • Reduced administration – routine tasks are made more effective
  • On-line overview for managers as well as employees
  • Easily take employee requests into consideration
  • Quick re-planning in case of deviations
  • Constantly up-to-date and optimised rosters

With rostering and employee scheduling the work effort is optimised for your entire company and this gives you a very reasonable ROI.