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Advanced roster planning – ProPlanning

The use of roster planning in ProPlanning results in the optimum allocation of employee resources in relation to your company's production, job and activity needs.

Roster planning with ProPlanning is FLEXIBLE AND DYNAMIC

Many companies use their ERP system to create detailed plans of tasks and timescales. ProPlanning allows these plans to be imported into ProMark and easily adapted to meet operational needs on a daily basis.

This enables the company to amend plans and easily replan in accordance with skills and resource requirements. Similarly, it is possible to match these requirements with the skills and resources available as well as timing needs. The operational plan can easily also be built from scratch in ProMark instead of importing the master plan initially from the ERP system.

Bemandingsplanlægning med ProPlanning

ProPlanning makes use of records in ProMark concerning employees' attendance schedules and actual working hours, holidays and public holidays, salary conditions (including collective agreements, local agreements and statutory regulations) as well as individual employee's qualifications.

Among other things, ProPlanning can automatically generate specific staffing plans based on employees' planned attendance.

With ProPlanning, existing attendance plans are projected for a specific period and, at the same time, any requirements as regards the employees’ qualifications for different shifts and clock-in hours are taken into account. One can choose to make changes to the plan according to actual circumstances, public holidays, holiday closures, seasonal fluctuations etc. – and then publish a needs plan for staffing.

ProPlanning coherently facilitates the allocation of resources by using graphs showing the tasks that need to be performed and the available resources and their qualifications. ProPlanning helps find the right resource for carrying out a particular task. ProPlanning can automatically allocate employees when tasks are generated. Manpower is matched to planned needs, tasks and shifts with relevant employees presented clearly on-screen (even employees from another department, if necessary).

The user-friendly drag and drop functionality in a GANTT chart facilitates the clear administration of resources and employees one wishes to allocate. Thus one constantly has a screen display where one can match up employees and skills with each other. This ensures that managers and supervisors do not lose their overall grasp, and that the right employee performs the right task.

No matter how well you plan something, unforeseen circumstances will often arise. Production materials may not be available, machinery can break down, new tasks can arise or an employee can become ill. ProPlanning handles all of these events and helps you re-plan or re-allocate employee resources. In ProPlanning, employees and tasks are displayed graphically opposite each other and, by dragging and dropping, one can rapidly allocate free employees to take over the vacant tasks.

ProPlanning highlights any divergences and makes available the correct tools for the efficient re-planning of tasks as well as identifying available resources and, consequently, the re-allocation of employees. It is important
for managers to have a constant overview of the activities of the company. Through consistent, efficient and flexible planning one is assured of employee resources always being used where they are needed, when they are needed.

Planning in ProPlanning benefits companies in many ways

ProPlanning ensures companies the right interplay between company resources and current tasks. The aim is to generate a roster plan matching needs for qualifications, resources and tasks at any given time. Thus, ProPlanning contributes to companies being neither overstaffed nor understaffed. By using ProPlanning, companies ensure that the right resources are present at the right time at the right place and to the right extent. Benefits are reaped in the form of company operations being performed as planned while at the same time increasing resource utilisation percentages.

Using ProPlanning as a roster planning tool, users will enjoy rapid execution of the planning process. The tool has been developed and designed to provide a rapid and easily understandable overview of roster planning. This allows resources to be released for other value-creating activities.

ProPlanning supports corporate goal management

The best possible utilisation of the company's vacant resources and the maintenance of delivery capacity and flexibility are important management parameters in all companies.

It also benefits bottom line performance and productivity to minimise unscheduled overtime and thus boost employee satisfaction.

Through effective and flexible planning, ProPlanning is the ideal tool to help companies achieve these goals.