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Complete control of production processes

ProMark is a unique and flexible tool for collecting data and information directly from the production floor. ProMark shop floor control solution is ideal for planning and review of resources, goods and labour in order for managers to plan, manage and follow up on the day-to-day planning.

Real-time data collection and operational planning in companies’ mission-critical processes

In any company, assumptions and intuition may be necessary now and again, but to leverage the information you have about your production, you need to base your decisions on facts. ProMark is a significant advantage to the production team managers who gets reliable data for the daily planning. The risk for making the wrong decisions will subsequently decrease.

  • How much time has been spent on a specific order, operation or a job, and who has performed it?
  • How many units have been produced/scrapped?
  • Which status does a specific order or operation have (in process, finished, interrupted etc.)?

Instant replanning

The ability to react on deviation in the production plan – such as machinery breakdown, delayed goods, employee absence – is a critical factor to any company.

ProMark allows you to instantly adjust existing plans for optimal utilisation of resources, goods and labour and increased agility on the shop floor – all in real-time

Baser dine beslutninger på fakta med ProMarkIncreased productivity

Measuring the value-creating and the non-value-creating working hours gives you the data to boost productivity where and when it’s needed. ProMark provides the essential overview of each step in your production process. Reported information could be:

  • Start and stop jobs
  • Enter or change operation condition (e.g. machine set-up, production)
  • Number of units produced
  • Material consumption
  • Quality data such as scrap rates

All reported information will be validated to highlight reasons for deviations in e.g. quantities and time spent.

Integration with other systems

ProMark can be closely integrated with other systems such as ERP, MRPII or MES system. This considerably increases the ROI of other business systems. Read more about system integration

Functionality highlights

Quantity registration The individual employee registers the amount of produced and scrapped items. At the same time, the employee can enter the reason why an item was scrapped
Material consumption The operator reports the amount of materials used for the current operation. Used materials can be validated against a defined product index in ProMark.
Machines/resources registration Adds an extra dimension in the registration independent of the individual employees. Here you collect time on machines and resources.
Kanban order registration With its starting point in the Japanese Kanban technique, ProMark support the possibility to make decentralised order scheduling from individual registration terminals. ProMark uses a Kanban register where all Kanban cards can be set up, and the module ensures that there is only one order active per Kanban card. The normal principles for job registration can be used by Kanban orders.