Time tracking

ProTime - timekeeper software

ProMark Workforce Management software enables control with time tracking

ProTime ensures correct registration of employee attendance. It is the base module in ProMark, Mark Information's workforce management solution.

ProTime and ProJect are modules used for time tracking purposes. Employees can quickly and simply register their activities and time spent on different projects.

ProJect can even be used by employees who do not clock in and out for work. Their time is registered on individual projects while simultaneously indicating whether it is normal hours or overtime. In addition to the time spent, it is possible to register activity status, such as 'on schedule' or 'delayed'.

ProJect is naturally connected to the ProTime module. Here you define the total time that is to be accounted for – for instance including external meetings but excluding absence such as holidays or illness. The registration screen displays the amount of time to be accounted for by the employee for each day

By utilising ProJect, management can get answers to questions like:

  • Is time spent on the right activities?
  • Are the ongoing projects profitable?
  • Is salaried staff time allocated correctly on projects?
  • Are the indirect production costs under control?

This makes it possible for time tracking analysis e.g about absence across employee categories, cost prices or production efficiency. This can be used to reduce absence and find the most time consuming projects.

Great savings using ProTime and Project for Time tracking

Experience shows that ProTime can reduce an organisation's administrative costs by up to 3% through automation of manual processes, reduction of requests to the payroll administration and automation of approval procedures for managers.

Our software solution for time tracking and much more often turns out to be a solution which pays for itself within one year.