Time and attendance systems

We have 35 years' experience within Workforce Management and a long list of references that gives evidence to the business value of our solutions

With ProMark we provide your company with efficient and professional online time and attendance systems that reduce costs and increase management control.

We offer integrated time and attendance systems based on four modules that cover different needs of the company:

  • ProTime: Workforce registration of attendance and absence
  • ProJect: Project gives an overview of project-based activities
  • ProAbs: Attendance and absence analysis provides overview of absence and a basis for action
  • ProNotify: Automatic email notification for missing registration and approvals

ProMark: provides you with a basis for action

The ProMark time and attendance system ensures that you have the essential overview to make sound and fact-based management decisions relating to your workforce and that you have the necessary information to take immediate measures to address possible challenges.

With our solution you get:

  • correct registration of employee attendance
  • easy data collection and presentation
  • real-time absence overview
  • correct payroll data automatically generated into your payroll system
  • reduced administration in centralized payroll and HR administration

Spanning various industries we provide targeted but flexible time and attendance systems that fit the different needs of our many customers.

Our solutions are user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces, with Drag and Drop features and they can be closely integrated with your administrative systems, such as payroll, EPR etc.