Time and attendance software

ProTime secures easy and efficient registration of time and attendance

Through integration with your payroll system it guarantees correct data input.

A basis for taking measures

An overview of workforce presence and absence is essential if you want to be able to identify challenges and act on these to reduce workforce absence. ProTime provides you with a factual basis for decision-making and action.

The ProMark time and attendance software provides statistics and reports on workforce presence and absence. These can be segmented according to different employee categories and geographical locations, time etc. 

  • Absence data analyzed across different parameters, as mentioned above, give our customers such a deep knowledge of the nature of absence, that it through targeted processes, allow companies to reduce absence by as much as 25%, in our experience.
  • ProTime saves you time and make administration efficient by automatizing manual processes. It is our experience that ProTime time and attendance software reduces administrative costs by up to 3%

The ProTime module

ProTime is user-friendly, can be closely integrated with other administrative systems and allows employees to easily register attendance and absence via web-based portals, terminals and smartphones.

With the ProMark time and attendance software the employees can:

  • register clock-in and out
  • indicate reason for early clock-out and clock-in again
  • indicate reason for absence (past/ future)
  • change daily schedule, department or group
  • see their own information ( remaining holiday etc.)
  • register lunch break (start/ stop)
  • enter supplements  

We count on 35 years of expertise in T&A software to provide our customers with excellent business solutions.