Staff scheduling software

Staff scheduling software can help allocate the right staff with the right qualifications to relevant jobs. With traditional methods, staff scheduling is most often quite a time consuming task.

Our staff scheduling software makes it a lot easier and faster to schedule, taking into account any planned absence, employee qualifications and any other special requirements defined.

With the right staff scheduling software you have:

  • reliable management control
  • right interplay between resources and tasks
  • a reduction in administration

ProRoster is a staff scheduling software which enables a company to plan staff schedules and get an overview of the coming and current tasks and the staff resources available.   

Using ProMark’s ProRoster for your staff scheduling, will save you time and automatically optimise your staff schedule while taking absence, agreements, holidays and qualification etc. into account. When deviations occur, you can easily use the system to replan and thereby ensure that the work schedules is always updated and optimised.

  • ProRoster is a simple and efficient web-based staff roster planning tool.

ProRoster is part of ProMark, a unique tool for collection, planning, presentation and distribution of data.

Advantages with staff scheduling software:

  • reduced administration - making tasks more effective
  • online overview for managers and employees
  • constantly up-to-date

With the right staff scheduling software you can optimise the work efficiency and minimise unscheduled overtime.