Staff scheduling

The purpose of staff scheduling is to allocate the right staff with the right skills to the right job at the right time.

With conventional methods as spreadsheets, or older versions of staff scheduling software, it is a time consuming and a complicated puzzle to take all employees specific data, such as absence, agreements, holidays and qualification etc. into account, when making the staff plan.

Advantages of efficient staff scheduling:

  • optimised allocation of resources realtime online overview for managers and employees
  • planning according to actual circumstances
  • easy to take account of employees' wishes.
  • flexible planning and re-planning

Using ProMark’s ProRoster for your staff scheduling, will save you time and automatically optimise your staff schedule while taking absence, agreements, holidays and qualification etc. into account. When deviations occur, you can easily use the system to replan and thereby ensure that the work schedules is always updated and optimised.

  • ProRoster is a simple, clear and efficient web-based staff roster planning tool.

ProRoster is part of ProMark, a unique tool for collection, planning, presentation and distribution of data.

ProMark helps you to comply with applicable laws and regulations on working hours with consistent handling of it. In addition, the system can help you keep track of large amount collective agreements for different groups of employees.

Using the right tool for staff scheduling, will not only save you time, but also leave you with an optimised staff schedule, ensuring increased efficiency in your entire company.