Rostering systems

ProMark offers you a professional employee rostering system that makes sure that you have the necessary overview of tasks and available resources at any given time

ProMark roster planning is a solution based on our 35 years of experience and expertise within Workforce Management.

What our rostering system does is that is shows pending tasks, available employees and employee qualifications at any given time and helps allocating the right person with the right qualification to a specific task, to meet operational needs on a daily basis.

The rostering system will automatically assign employees when tasks are generated.

However it is a flexible system and it handles unforeseen events such as new tasks, employee absence, and machinery failure and allows you to re-plan when circumstances changes.

Furthermore the rostering system will make you aware of any divergences and allow you to take actions in the face of changes in the current situation.

The rostering system

Our rostering system is very user-friendly. The ProRoster rostering systems relies on time and attendance data registered in ProMark. It generates staffing plans based on employee attendance schedules taking holidays, salary conditions, agreements, regulations and qualifications into account.

With our rostering system, you can establish your operational plan automatically in ProMark or import a master plan from an ERP system to ProMark, as ProMark works with most common ERP systems.