Rostering software

Mark information has 35 years of experience providing high value Workforce Management solutions

An essential part of the solution we offer is rostering software that optimises the employee scheduling process.

The rostering software gives a real-time overview of tasks, available employees and the employees’ qualifications in a graphic drag and drop display.

The rostering software also takes absence, agreements, holidays and qualification etc. into account to be able to provide an overview of which employees are available at any point in time.

It also automatically informs you about any discrepancies that need to be addressed such as employees with specific qualifications missing at specific times to be able to complete tasks as planned.

Our rostering software makes the time-consuming undertaking of matching tasks with the employees with the right qualifications an easy process.

The benefits of our employee rostering software

Our solution provides optimal rostering and employee scheduling for companies. With the ProMark rostering software you get:

  • real-time/ on-screen overview for management and employees
  • efficient match between tasks, available employees and employees’ qualifications
  • optimal allocation of resources
  • planning according to actual circumstances
  • drag and drop functionality in a GANTT chart of resources and employees
  • flexible planning and re-planning

ProMark offers several modules covering the company’s different needs.

Our rostering software module ProRoster can be accompanied by other modules such as ProJob used for optimisinig production efficiency in service and manufacturing companies, ProReport providing relevant reports for different purposes, and ProJect making it possible to register time spent on different activities. This will allow you to fully be in control of tasks to be completed, time spent and plans to be fulfilled.

Furthermore, integration between the ProMark and other business systems (ERP, payroll and HR) is easily accomplished with ProHost, as ProMark integrates with most common systems.